Guy Builds An Adorable Little Cabin In The Backyard For His Dog

"She is a loyal companion and I am trying my best to make her life as enjoyable and comfortable for her as I possibly can."

This dog named Maya is clearly one lucky pup.

Not only does she have a sweet forever home with her family, she also has a home away from home — built with love, just for her.

David Connolly

Maya’s dad is David Connolly, owner of Fencing Decking Specialists NI in the UK. Whenever possible, he takes his pup to job sites along with him. But other times, Maya has to stay back at the house.

Connolly noticed that Maya preferred to hang out in their backyard on those occasions when she's left alone, so he decided to make the space as cozy as possible for her — by crafting a cozy little cabin she could call her own.

David Connolly

Though the cabin may look slightly rustic, there's no shortage of modern amenities to keep a canine content.

(And Maya certainly is.)

David Connolly

"It has an insulated floor, porch, night light and a small heater as well, for the winter time," Connolly told The Dodo, adding: "I built her cabin raised off the ground so as when she is lying inside her bedroom or on her balcony deck she can see over the top of the fence at passersby."

David Connolly

For an outdoor-loving dog, having a roof over her head is especially appreciated by Maya on those rainy days while Connolly is at work. 

When Connolly gets home at the end of the day, Maya always prefers to stay by his side in the main house. But for those times he's not back until after sunset, Connolly made sure his dog is never left in the dark.

At night, Maya's cabin truly shines.

David Connolly

For Connolly, going to all the effort to create this luxurious little cabin for his dog was a way of showing her how much she means to him.

"Maya is my best friend," he said. "She is a loyal companion and I am trying my best to make her life as enjoyable and comfortable for her as I possibly can. Building her a comfortable little home is the least I could do."

David Connolly

While Maya is lucky to have such a cozy getaway while Connolly is gone, the best of times are still when the two of them are together — hiking, playing or simply lounging together on the couch. The cabin is really just an added gesture of affection for the times in between:

"I believe dogs have a short time on this earth and we all must strive to take as much care and give them as much love as we can," Connolly said.