Couple On A Walk Realize They’re Being Watched

"Ever seen a Great Dane on a trampoline?"

Someone was watching them. Then he wasn’t. Then he was again. This went on and on.


That “someone” was a dog on a trampoline.

Facebook/Rena Nicole

The other day, while Rena Nicole and her partner were out for a stroll through their neighborhood in Ohio, they caught the attention of a local Great Dane. Despite being behind a tall fence, the curious pup had found a fun way to keep tabs on the world beyond.

By bouncing.

"Ever seen a Great Dane on a trampoline? No? Now you have," Nicole wrote. "You’re welcome."

Here's that moment on video:

It's unclear, exactly, how long this went on for, but based on the video, that bubbly dog showed no signs of slowing.

As the couple continued on their way, they no doubt felt reassured knowing that someone was keeping such a vigilant watch over the neighborhood — one big, happy bounce at a time.