Grandma Forges Diploma For Dog Who Failed Obedience School

"When I saw it, I immediately started laughing."

There’s no doubt that Angel’s a very good boy — but school's just not his thing, is all.

Last year, Mariah Cervantes' grandma enrolled the dear dog in an obedience training course. Evidently though, for whatever reason, Angel just didn’t take to it. 

He failed out.


Rather than admonish her pet about his little shortcoming, however, Cervantes' grandma decided to get creative instead.

Since Angel didn’t earn an actual doggy diploma, she went ahead and made a fake one herself, honoring the pup’s imaginary achievement.

Grandma even put the adorable forgery in a fancy gold frame for all to see.


Angel, no doubt, had tried his very best to meet the criteria for a real certificate — and that's really what matters most to Cervantes' grandma.

“When I saw it, I immediately started laughing and was not at all surprised. My grandma is so cute and is always doing things like this,” Cervantes told The Dodo. "She’s so proud of Angel, even though she awarded it to him herself."