Dog Sees Boy Struggle With Piñata — And Decides To Finish The Job Himself

A true hero.

Everybody knew he was holding back, and that the papier-mâché Mario really did have the goods. But even after a steady beating, the stubborn piñata simply wouldn’t let it spill.

That is, until someone a bit more convincing came along.

Facebook/Chuchito GT

Footage of the incident, apparently taken at a child’s birthday party, shows a young boy unleashing a torrent of body blows upon the candy-filled figurine. Despite his best attempts, however, the kid simply couldn’t make Mario break.

All the while, looking on at the struggle, was an adorable yellow dog. Upon seeing the boy was evidently unable to complete the task at hand, he bravely stepped in to get the job done himself.

Here’s video of the canine hero in action:

As candy rained down like manna from heaven, there was no doubt among the assembled crowd just whom they had to thank for that. The piñata had been vanquished, and the day itself saved — all because of the helpful pup who refused to stand idly by and watch the boy struggle in vain.

We don’t deserve dogs.