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Dog Insists On Visiting His Favorite Neighbor Every Single Day

"He knows exactly what street they are on ... if we pass the house with no intention of going in, he plants himself with full body weight on one spot and stands there until you relent.”

Cheddar lived with the same family his whole life, until he was around 8 years old and one of his parents was diagnosed with cancer. They no longer had the time or resources to take care of Cheddar, and made the heartbreaking decision to surrender him to a rescue, hoping he would find a loving new home. The already senior dog had to leave the only home he’d ever known, but luckily, he was quickly adopted into the best new family. 

From the moment Cheddar arrived in his new home, he made it clear just how grateful he was to them for adopting him — by demanding constant attention and wanting to be around them all the time, every moment of every day. 

“He is very, very, very needy,” Shelley Vassall, Cheddar’s mom, told The Dodo. “He cannot be alone. All Cheddar wants is to have all attention on him — once you start petting him and then stop, he will either bump your arm with his head or tap his paw telling you to continue. He would have you sit for hours if he could, just petting him.”

Cheddar loves every person he meets, as long as they’re willing to give him some attention, and doesn’t usually play favorites — until he met one of his neighbors, and fell completely in love. 

Cheddar and his mom were out for a walk one day, shortly after he was adopted, when they came across an older couple sitting on their front stoop. They stopped to chat with them for a bit, and Cheddar took an instant liking to the woman, Jean. They hung out with them for a while before heading on their way, and since then, they’ve gone back to visit every single day, because Cheddar refuses to have it any other way. 

“We try and go there every day if we can,” Vassall said. “They live around the corner and one street over from us. When it's been more than a few days and we haven't seen her, Cheddar is particularly vocal when we visit next. He knows exactly what street they are on and in fact, even if we don't head there, he insists on it by pulling on the leash and trying to turn in that direction. If we pass the house with no intention of going in, he plants himself with full body weight on one spot and stands there until you relent.” 

While Jean does have cookies for Cheddar every single time he comes over, the real draw is the connection he has with her, that, for some reason, is unlike any connection he has with anyone else. Visiting her every day brings him so much joy, and all he really wants to do on his visits is be by her side, for as long as he possibly can. 

“When he sees her, his reaction is one that very few get,” Vassall said. “Cheddar is not a barker but he certainly talks a plenty when he's really, really happy or excited. When visiting in winter, we spend the time indoors and Cheddar just wants to sit by Jean's side and be petted. That's ALL he wants. In better weather — spring, summer and fall — we spend the time in their backyard where he loves to roll in the grass with his leash or a tennis ball and then sit next to Jean for more attention.”

Cheddar looks forward to his visits with his best friend every day, and, of course, Jean looks forward to them as well. The sweet golden retriever is 11 years old now, and still has so much energy and love left to give, thanks to his incredible family, and his favorite Auntie Jean. 

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