Little Girl Writes Adorable List Of Reasons Why Dog Should Be Adopted

“He is super CUTE.”

Reggie, a 10-year-old pit bull, is having trouble finding a home — but a little girl named Elivia did something sweet to help him out.

In July, Reggie was rescued from a local shelter and placed in foster care with Thea-Marie Parent and her 10-year-old daughter Elivia in Haines City, Florida. Elivia immediately fell in love with Reggie. 

Pit bull smiling on his dog bed
Thea-Marie Parent

“She’ll go out there for hours and just play with him,” Parent told The Dodo. “She’ll teach him tricks.”

Parent runs a pet boarding and day care facility called Pixie Paws from their home, so Reggie is constantly socialized with other dogs — and he gets along with just about everyone, Parent said.

Dogs hanging out in yard
Thea-Marie Parent

“People spend thousands to send their puppies away [to training] so they come back just like him,” Parent said.

But no one wants to adopt Reggie. Parent thinks it’s because he’s a senior dog.

Dog sitting in front of American flag
Thea-Marie Parent

“Someone’s just got to give him a chance,” Parent said. “He’s got the energy to keep up with even the youngest pups.”

To help Reggie, Elivia wrote a list of reasons why he should be adopted.

Dog licking the face of a little girl
Reggie licking Elivia's face | Thea-Marie Parent

“He likes other dogs (except intact males),” was the first thing Elivia wrote.

“She understands that some dogs are neutered and some are not,” Parent said. “And right at the beginning, one of the unneutered males mounted Reggie a bit, and he didn’t really like it. So when she was writing the list, she asked, ‘Why didn’t he get along with that one dog?’ And I was like, ‘He still has his balls.’”

List of reasons dog should be adopted
Thea-Marie Parent

Parent explained that Reggie’s been fine with unneutered dogs since then, and that’s the only part of the list she helped her daughter with. Elivia is responsible for the rest.

Her list goes on.

Dog licking jar of peanut butter
Thea-Marie Parent

“He is super CUTE,” she wrote. “He won’t pee all over the floor. He likes men, ladies and kids. He doesn’t bark. He is very soft. He’s very obedient. He walks well on a leash. He loves car rides. He is totally Best Friend material.”

Everything on Elivia’s list is true, Parent said.

Dog leaping up against water hose
Reggie playing with the water hose | Thea-Marie Parent

“He would fit anywhere,” Parent said. “He’s the perfect dog."

While Elivia wants the best for Reggie, Parent said Elivia’s actually hoping they will keep Reggie. However, this isn’t the ideal solution since adopting another dog would hinder their ability to keep fostering.

Dog wearing adoption vest
Thea-Marie Parent

But Parent wants Reggie’s future adopter to know they’re always available for babysitting.

“Whoever takes him — if they go on vacation, he [Reggie] can come back here and stay with us,” Parent said.

If you’re interested in adopting Reggie, you can contact Furever Bully Love Rescue.