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Little Girl Gets Best Surprise Ever After Her Puppy Was Stolen

She never gave up hope 💞

You can’t put a price tag on love.

At least, that is what one sorry thief realized after absconding with a Melbourne, Australia, family’s 8-week-old puppy, Sasha.

The adorable yellow Labrador was snatched from the Hood family’s home in Croydon Hills Monday morning, along with a number of items including a laptop, iPads, passports and jewelry.

But the family knew that no matter how important some of the stolen items seemed to be, Sasha was irreplaceable.

No one felt the loss quite as keenly as the puppy’s littlest owner, 4-year-old Maia, who was left heartbroken.

Before the robbery, Maia and Sasha had formed an unbreakable bond, spending every second together. The two were so close that Maia would forgo her own comfy bed to sleep in the dog bed with Sasha every night.

In an effort to appeal to the better nature of the person or persons who took the defenseless puppy, the Victoria police commissioner, Graham Ashton, and Maia’s father, Ryan Hood, directly addressed the thieves in a Facebook video.

Hood spoke candidly about the pain his family was feeling over the loss of the beloved puppy — especially his young daughter. “She said to us last night, ‘I can still smell the dog,’” Hood said unflinchingly into the camera. “You know, she’s devastated.”

The family worried over Sasha’s health, as she was still too little to have had all her vaccinations. “[She] was her best friend and we’re just hoping that we can get her back,” Hood added. “The family feels incomplete without her around”

A few hours after the emotional appeal was published to Facebook, Maia got the best surprise of her life. Little Sasha was returned to the family’s backyard overnight, looking no worse for wear, and was discovered early Thursday morning, according to a press release put out by the Victoria police department.

Though none of the other items have been returned and the investigation is still ongoing, the family now has what is most precious to them.

We like to think that whoever took her grew a conscience, but possibly they were spooked by all the media attention,” Hood told Australian publication Tenplay. “Either way, we are just happy to have her back.”