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10 Unique Gifts That Cat People Actually Want

Because everyone needs a portrait with their BFF for the holidays 😻🎄

We all have that friend — the one who’s perpetually covered in fur, whose phone is full of pictures of her beloved feline. If one of these cat lovers is on your holiday shopping list, be sure to give them something special — and I don’t mean another cat.

The cat lovers in your life can be tricky to shop for, but their (completely rational) obsession with felines can also help you find the perfect present.

Check out these holiday gift ideas sure to satisfy any cat person and her feline friend:

A litter box that makes cleaning up a breeze

An automatic or self-cleaning litter box can help pet parents with one of the more onerous (and odorous) tasks of cat ownership. Never let your friend scoop the litter again by gifting her one of these high-tech kitty bathrooms. If the cat in question is skittish and doesn’t respond well to noise or change, try a litter box with a specialized sifting system. A litter box with a modern, smart design can make this household item stand out — in a good way.

A fun way to vacuum up cat hair

Not only do cats look adorable riding on robot vacuums, but these gadgets can detect and clean up pet hair all on their own. While some of these compact vacuums can be on the pricier side, there are plenty of models that are more budget-friendly and will suck up all the pet hair and allergens with ease.

A super cool cat bed

Give your cat-loving friend something everyone can enjoy, with a cat accessory that also enhances the home. A hamburger-shaped cat bed will sandwich any kitten in plush material on a chilly winter’s night. A felted cat-shaped cave can give pets a fun place to stay cozy. If the person on your shopping list has modern taste, there are plenty of chic cat hammocks to match her design sense.

A toy that will keep a cat occupied all day long

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Keep a bored cat happy and set a pet owner’s mind at ease with a toy that will keep the fun going all day long. A classic dancing wire toy attached to a chair or an automatic laser pointer will give the cat something to do when he’s not busy lying in a spot of sunlight.

A treat dispensing video system

While it can be painful to be separated from our furry friends, a video system will give cat lovers a way to check in throughout the day. Set up this wifi-enabled pet cam in the living room and your pal can chat with her cat whenever she wants, and dispense treats for good behavior at that.

A donation to a trap-neuter-return program

Trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs not only improve the lives of community cats and help stabilize populations, according to Alley Cat Allies, but they make room in local shelters for cats in need. The cat ally on your gift list will be happy knowing her kitty neighbors are a little safer this year.

A unique cat carrier

Help your pal take her feline friend with her wherever she goes with a delightful and lightweight cat carrier. A cat-carrying sweater is great for lounging around the house, and a backpack that turns a cat into an astronaut will give your friend the ability to take her cat on all her adventures. For the special someone who wants to enjoy a walk in the park with her feline friend, go all-in on a cat stroller.

A cat tree bookcase

Multipurpose cat accessories can help pet parents free up space in their homes and cut back on clutter, such as this handy combination bookshelf and cat tree. Modular cat trees can add a modern accent to the home, and can also be used for storage (if you don’t mind cats knocking books off the shelves every now and then). Some cat lovers have even gone so far as to construct one themselves, so feel free to get creative with this one.

Custom pet artwork

Help the pet parent in your life show off her feline pride with a custom portrait of her favorite kitty. Turn an adorable picture of a pet into a work of art — or even pop art — by transforming it into a custom T-shirt or canvas.

A cat-themed game

Spend a fun Friday night playing a game everyone can get behind. Challenge your friend to collect all the cats in her neighborhood with Here, Kitty, Kitty, compete to be the Top Cat in Hot Tin Roof or travel to an exotic land where cats rule in Felinia. The cat lovers in your life will enjoy the adorable artwork and competitive spirit of these kitty-themed board games — because they probably have already collected all the cats in Neko Atsume.