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Guy Puts Dog In Time-Out For Spilling Treats β€” Then He Looks Down

He's just helping, he swears πŸ˜‚

Where there's a will, there's a way β€” but in some situations, having a long doggy tongue comes in handy, too.

Just ask this pup named Zeus and his adoring dad, James.

Recently, James offered a brief but hilarious glimpse into Zeus' daily life and personality β€” one other dog owners can most certainly relate to. 

The rambunctious German shepherd, it seems, had caused a little mess at home. By accident or design, the dog's favorite food had gotten scattered all over the floor: "Zeus spilled his treats, so I put him in the other room to clean up," James wrote on Twitter.

But while Zeus may have been put in time-out, his tongue was still on the job. Looking down by the door, James saw this: 

Now, to be fair, one could argue that the dog was merely helping clean up the mess he had made (which may very well have been the plan all along). But Zeus knows the truth.

Some acts of defiance are simply delicious.

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