Gardener Has A Special Way Of Planting Things Without A Shovel

She's an expert ❤

Typically, digging in the garden is a frowned-upon hobby for most dogs.

But this pup found a way to put her talents to good use.


The other day, Reddit user Georgeyk17 shared a video of himself out in the garden planting some new greenery. While this sort of work usually requires a shovel or trowel — and some elbow grease — in Georgeyk17’s case it does not.

He has some special help.

He just points at the ground where he wants the plants to go, and his dog begins to dig.

Here’s video of the pup in action:

Clearly, with such an efficient digger on hand, landscaping has never been easier. Best of all, by directing his dog's hole-making tendencies in a productive way, this gardener's work gets to stay in the ground.

"[She's] never dug up a plant in 4.5 years," Georgeyk17 wrote, adding of dogs: "Such loyal companions."