Foster Dog Picks Out A Toy At The Pet Store And Won't Let It Go

“Best $5.99 I have ever spent.”

Sometimes the smallest gesture can mean the world to a senior dog.

That’s what Jenny Leech learned when she let her hospice foster Theo pick out his very own toy.

Theo the foster dog snuggles his favorite toy
Jenny Leech

Theo was abandoned in a Walmart parking lot in May and sat unclaimed in animal control until BAARK Dog Rescue in Barrington, Illinois, pulled him out. The rescue contacted Leech about the 12-year-old dog, and she immediately agreed to take him.

“I foster for a couple of rescues and just love the seniors and dogs with special needs,” Leech told The Dodo. “We have 11, including three that are hospice fosters. Theo fits right in. It’s crazy but fun. My pack is always so welcoming to fosters.”

Jenny Leech

The day Leech picked up Theo, she made an appointment at a self-serve dog wash. There, she bought him a collar with his very own name tag, but something else caught Theo’s attention.

“While we were waiting for the tag engraving he was sniffing the toy bin and picked out the octopus,” Leech said. “It must have been love at first sight.”

Theo was so happy with his new blue octopus that Leech had to pull over when she spotted him playing joyfully with his new toy in the rearview mirror.

Jenny Leech

It's been a month since Theo moved into his forever home, and while he loves his new siblings, he’s grown even more attached to his special toy.

No matter what he’s doing, his octopus always comes along for the ride.

Theo the dog and his special octopus toy
Chops Photography

“It travels with him around the house and outside,” Leech said. “He usually falls asleep on it at night."

Leech posted a few photos of Theo and his octopus friend on Facebook and shortly after, received a box in the mail. The Live Like Roo Foundation was so touched by Theo's story that they sent him 10 extra toys.

Theo the senior dog get a surprise present
Jenny Leech

And the look on Theo's face when his mom opened the box was priceless.

Dog gets ten of his favorite stuffed toys
Jenny Leech

While Leech doesn't know how much longer Theo will be around, it's clear the toy octopus has brought the old dog comfort and joy.

"Most of my dogs aren’t attached to toys so to see him so animated and happy about the toy is just adorable,” Leech said. “The best $5.99 I have ever spent.”

To help dogs like Theo find loving homes, you can make a donation to BAARK Dog Rescue.