Firefighter Risks Life To Rescue Dog Trapped On A Cliff

“He’s a good boy.”

On Saturday morning, the Woodbridge and Hamden Fire Departments in Connecticut received an unusual call: A dog was trapped on a remote ledge of West Rock Mountain.

Staffers with the local parks and recreation department became aware of the stranded pup when they heard barking coming from the mountainside and notified animal control. How the dog ended up in such an isolated spot no one knows, but it quickly became clear that rescuing the dog would be a risky operation, as the dog was “pretty much unreachable,” Ashley Sakelarakis, an officer with the Woodbridge Regional Animal Control, tells The Dodo.   

The daring rescue took nearly two hours — part of which was devoted to winning the nervous dog’s trust. Treats were lowered down to the animal, explains Sakelarakis, so that the firefighter could get close enough to touch the pup and attach a harness to lower him down. Thankfully, the clever dog knew there was more where that came from and allowed himself to be rescued.

When the Staffordshire/pit bull mix finally reached solid ground, he was hungry and thirsty, but shockingly free of any major injuries. Without a microchip or name tag to ID him, the pup is now being called "West," in honor of the mountain where he made his unexpected appearance.

“He’s recovering nicely,” Officer Sakelarakis says. “Right now he really wants to be with people. He’s sweet and he takes treats nicely.” So far, no owner has stepped forward to claim West, who has already been through so much, and it is doubtful if anyone will. West loves to cozy up to people and has an “awesome” personality, notes Sakelarakis. “West is just the perfect gentleman,” Woodbridge Animal Control writes in a recent Facebook post.

West is currently undergoing evaluation and, if all goes well, he will be ready to find his forever home in approximately two weeks. “He’ll make a really good companion for somebody,” Sakelarakis says. “He’s a good boy.”

Hopefully, the dog found on the edge of the mountain will soon find somebody to keep him safe — and give him plenty of treats, of course.

If you are interested in adopting West, you can contact Woodbridge Regional Animal Control by calling (203) 389-5991.