Fearless Man Risks His Life To Retrieve Cat Along Side Of Building


Thankfully, curiosity didn’t kill the cat at the center of this hair-raising story — but it did inspire this gutsy dude to risk his own life on the kitty’s behalf.


This week, Jeff Powell spotted a breathtaking scene unfolding from out the window of his Toronto apartment. In a building just across the way, about 12 floors up, he saw two men looking a bit concerned. From his vantage point, Powell was able to surmise that they were looking for their cat.

Turns out, the kitty had somehow made her way to their neighbor's balcony — and they were dead set on getting her back.

Powell then watched in disbelief at what happened next:

Rather than wait to enter through the neighbor's apartment, the brazen man inexplicably took the more direct route to his wayward pet — where one small misstep could easily have spelled game over.

Considering that fact, however, the guy was quite casual about it all.

And sure enough, it all ended well.


Unfortunately, the video Powell posted leaves many questions unanswered, namely: Who is that guy? Why didn't he just wait for the neighbor to let him in? What the hell was he thinking?!

But, in the end, one thing is crystal clear — he certainly likes his cat.