Dad And Son Go On A Camping Trip — And End Up Rescuing Family Of Cats

They decided to keep them all

Michael Shinkle and his son love to go camping together. Their favorite place to go is a secluded little spot away from the rest of the world — but the most recent time they went, there was someone else there that they didn't expect. 

When Shinkle and his son arrived at their camping spot, they discovered a cat, wandering around the woods all alone. She was incredibly skinny, and Shinkle assumed that she had probably been abandoned. While he began to set up their campsite, his son immediately began to befriend the sweet cat, and Shinkle had a feeling the cat would be coming home with them once the camping trip was done. 

Despite having brought only enough food for themselves, the father-son duo gave the cat as much as they could spare. When it was time for dinner, they ate in their tent as the cat climbed all over it, already missing her new friends, and they offered her everything they had left over. 

Soon it was time for bed, but Shinkle wasn't asleep very long before he heard some noise outside the tent. He got up to investigate, shined his phone light around — and was greeted by eight pairs of eyes staring back at him. As it turned out, their new cat friend was actually a mom to three little kittens. 

Since he had already decided he was taking the stray cat home with him, Shinkle and his son left their camping trip with four new family members in tow. 

"She's quite a happy cat now," Shinkle wrote on a GoFundMe page for the cat family. "There is no way this cat was not domesticated the way she craves human attention."

Shinkle and his family decided to adopt all four cats, and are so happy they could give them the loving home they deserve. If this father and son hadn't decided to go camping that weekend, the mama cat and her kittens might not have made it. Now they've found their forever family all together, and are loving every moment of their new life. 

If you'd like to help with the vet bills for this adorable family, you can check out their GoFundMe page for more information.