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Man's Kind Gesture For Thirsty Dog Is Touching Hearts Around The World

“There are still good people."

One act of compassion might not be able to change the world — but as you’ll soon see, it can certainly touch a lot of hearts.

(And that’s a pretty good place to start.)

Facebook/Pamela Altamirano Sanchez

On Sunday, Pamela Altamirano Sanchez posted a video, believed to have been shot in Ecuador. In it, an older man is seen happily providing water to a dog on the street, having poured it into his cupped hands from a spigot the pup couldn’t reach.

Simple as it may be, there’s something incredibly moving about this scene:

“This is love,” Sanchez wrote. “There are still good people.”

Though the video offers few details, the tenderness between the man and dog is evident all the same. It’s not surprising, then, that the clip has since gone viral.

In a matter of days, it’s garnered more than 10 million views online — proving that even a simple act of kindness to animals can resonate far and wide, and, with any luck, inspire others to do the same.

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