Man Rushes To Save Cat Who Just Fell Into River

She would have drowned without him.

It’s fair to say Felix is one lucky kitty.

felix the cat
London's Royal Docks

The black and white cat was hanging out at London’s Royal Docks, the waterfront facility in England where she serves as resident pet, when another local feline decided to stir up trouble. It was while attempting to flee from this bewhiskered invader that Felix took a tumble over a ledge and into the River Thames.

Fortunately, her fall into the water didn’t go unnoticed. An eagle-eyed dock worker, named Scott, saw the whole thing unfold — and sprang into action to save Felix before she drowned.

Here’s video of that dramatic moment.

Thanks to Scott’s quick thinking, Felix’s watery mishap was just a minor unpleasantry on an otherwise normal day.

“She was dried off and back to her usual self within the hour!” a spokesperson for London’s Royal Dock told The Dodo, adding that it wasn’t the first time Felix has needed a helping hand: 

“She was a rescue from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and is now the office cat. Apparently when Battersea found Felix she was completely bald and had had numerous litters, but after being adopted by the team in 2014 she now has the run of the office and her very own chair in the boardroom.”

We’re happy to know Felix is in such good hands.