People Pull Together To Save A Frightened Dog Loose On Highway

Faith in humanity = restored ❤

What began as a frightening predicament for a poor pup trapped on a busy roadway in the end revealed something truly special:

Humanity at its finest.


On Sunday, Toby Tinelli and his wife were driving on a highway in Houston, Texas,  when they suddenly spotted a dog loose and scared among the cars. 

Without hesitating, all the drivers around Tinelli made the dog’s well-being their top priority — forming a protective blockade around her.

“About five cars in front of us immediately threw on their flashers and began trying to get the dog to the side of the road and safe,” Tinelli told The Dodo.


Speeding ahead, Tinelli was able to pull over in front of the dog to stop her from fleeing father. It was then that traffic came to a halt, as countless drivers waited for the pup to be safely rescued.

"It was such an amazing moment!” Tinelli said. "Every car on the highway slowed down to help. People were jumping out of their car and running after her, too."

And thanks to them, the dog was saved.

According to Tinelli, the dog's owner had been involved in an accident, after which the dog had gotten loose. Fortunately, aside from a cut paw, the dog wasn't seriously injured.

Here's the moment she and her owner were reunited:

This story's happy ending wasn't guaranteed, of course; it was made possible by so many people coming together on the pup's behalf:

"I was praying for a positive result and thankfully that’s what we got," Tinelli said. "I can’t believe how great everyone was to be patient and work together to help that poor dog. I am blessed to live in a community that has such great people in it."