Crowd Goes Wild After Dog Randomly Decides To Join Musician Onstage

The moment he starts singing 😂

Everything’s made better by the presence of a pup — and concerts are clearly no exception.

At an elementary school in Pasto, Colombia, a saxophonist had just taken the stage to play in front of an audience of young kids when something unexpected happened. Though his song was apparently intended to be a solo, it didn't stay that way for long.

After he'd belted out the first few notes, a dog randomly decided to join in, too — sidling up next to the sax player to sing along. And as you'll see in this video of that adorable moment, the crowd just couldn't get enough:

The pup's impromptu performance was certainly a hit among the kids, but they weren't the only ones who saw it as something special.

"The marvels of music and our best friend," Gloria Jurado, a school administrator, wrote, adding: "Very tender is our vocalist ... His name is Pachito."

Bravo, Pachito. Bravo.