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Dogs Carried In Plastic Bags On Bike Had No Idea Where They Were Headed

Luckily people saw them in time and jumped in to save them.

The dogs would have been petrified with fright.

Last month, someone grabbed two dogs off the streets in Tangerang, Indonesia, and tied their mouths shut, probably so the dogs wouldn’t try to bite. After that, the dogs were stuffed into mesh bags — there were small holes to stick their noses through, but it would have been hard for them to breathe.

One of the dogs stuck his tongue out to try and cool himself, but his snout was tied and he couldn’t fully open his mouth.

The bags holding the two dogs were tied together, and a man draped them over his bike. He was going to sell the dogs to a restaurant, where they’d be slaughtered for their meat, according to a Facebook post written by someone who witnessed the incident.

“It is shocking to see dogs, a nonhuman species that has been a willing helper to humans since time immemorial, treated like a piece of wood or rock in Indonesia,” Peter Li, China policy advisor for Humane Society International (HSI), told The Dodo. “These look like dogs shipped for slaughter and consumption.”

But thankfully, people saw what was going on — and they rescued the dogs.

Rescuers paid 500,000 IDR (about $36) to free the dogs, according to a Facebook post written by a woman involved in the rescue. As soon as the man handed the dogs over, the rescuers got them out of the bags and untied them. Then they took the dogs into foster care, where they’d remain until the rescuers found them safe, loving homes.

While these two dogs were lucky to escape what would have been a traumatic end, others are not so lucky. In Indonesia, there are no anti-cruelty laws to protect animals, and thousands of dogs are killed each year for their meat. On the Indonesian island of Bali alone, it’s estimated that more than 70,000 dogs are killed for their meat each year.

“It is important that animal advocates in Indonesia speak up for these voiceless souls,” Li said. “It is important that an anti-cruelty legislation is in place or in implementation to prevent this cruel treatment to the dogs. The Indonesian government has a responsibility to stop such cruel behaviors towards the dogs.”

To help rescue dogs from the meat trade in Indonesia, you can make a donation to the Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre.