Dogs Take Sudden Interest In Football When A Cat Storms The Field

New favorite sport 😂

Earlier this week, smack-dab in the middle of an NFL football game in New Jersey, a random black cat decided to storm the field — eliciting cheers of surprise and delight from adoring spectators.

But sports fans weren’t the only ones to take notice.

Stacey Dales was watching the game on TV at home when the feline interruption brought play to halt. It was then that her two dogs, who presumably had shown no interest in football before, suddenly began playing armchair quarterback.

Here’s that moment on video:

It's safe to assume the pups were rooting against the cat's domination on the field that day — and they must have felt they got their way; after a few moments, the kitty eventually ran off, out of sight.

But elsewhere, others responded a little differently:

Let's go ahead and call it a tie.