Family Building New House Finds Adorable Way To Honor Their Dogs

NOW it feels like home 🐾

It’s no secret that dogs always leave lasting impressions on the hearts of those who love them best — but in adorable fashion, this family decided to invite their pups to take that a few steps further. Literally.

Earlier this month, construction worker Tyden Connolly was on the job site of a house being built when the family who was going to move in dropped by with their dogs. A concrete walkway to the front door had recently been poured, inspiring the thought of a loving tribute to the pups.

"[The owner] came up with the idea of walking his dogs down his sidewalk," Connolly told The Dodo. "We all laughed."

But, as you'll see, it was no joke.

Though people working with concrete usually do their best to keep dogs away, in this case, the paw prints only made the walkway more perfect to its new owners.

(It's worth noting, for people or pets who might want to try something similar, that hands or paws should be washed thoroughly after contact with wet cement to prevent caustic burns.)

The house above is still not finished, but thanks to that added touch from the family's dogs, it's already feeling much more like home.