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Dog Brings Her Mom Her Most Special Toy Whenever She's Sick

“It’s the bunny we bought her when she was sick, so clearly it has feel-better medicine in it.”

When Dobby joined her family when she was just a puppy three years ago, her parents and dog siblings were so excited to have her. They joyfully welcomed her into their family and immediately fell in love with her — but only two days after arriving in her new home, Dobby got very, very sick.

After taking her to the vet, Dobby’s new family was absolutely crushed to discover that she had parvo. Parvo is a very contagious, very aggressive virus that affects puppies, and is common in dogs who come from puppy mills or pet stores.

dog has a special toy she brings her mom when she's sick
Shani Coppa

Dobby’s family already loved her so much, though — even after only a few days of knowing her — and refused 
to give up on the tiny sick puppy. 

“It was very scary as she was so little, barely 6 pounds,” Shani Coppa, Dobby’s mom, told The Dodo. “The vet said she had a small chance to survive if she stayed in the hospital, and honestly, she advised we take her home and spend as much time with her as we could — that she actually had a better chance with love at home than in a kennel at the vet’s.”

dog brings special toy to her mom every time she's sick
Shani Coppa

Determined not to lose hope, Dobby’s parents brought her home and set her up in her own room away from the family’s other dogs so they wouldn’t become infected as well. They brought her home on a Thursday, and the vet said if she could last until Monday, then she would likely pull through and make a full recovery. For five days, the couple sat in the room with Dobby, doing everything they could think of to make Dobby as happy and comfortable as possible. 

“My husband moved into the room with her to give her round-the-clock care,” Coppa said. “She got anything she wanted. Chicken broth, baby food, American cheese, Pedialyte.” 

dog brings mom her special toy every time she's sick
Shani Coppa

While she was fighting the virus, her parents decided to buy her a special toy to keep her company in her quarantine room: a stuffed pink bunny. From the moment she laid eyes on the bunny, Dobby loved it so much. It became her special buddy, sitting by her side every moment and bringing her so much comfort and joy

“She demanded it be in her special blanket, and when she could be induced to eat, it came to the bowl with her, it was adorable,” Coppa said. 

dog brings mom her special toy whenever she's sick
Shani Coppa

Finally, Monday came and went — and Dobby made a full recovery. Her family was absolutely elated, and so were Dobby and her pink bunny. 

After Dobby beat parvo, she no longer relied on her pink bunny as much. She suddenly had so many new toys to play with and three dog siblings to chase around, but she never forgot her special companion, and has kept a very close eye on it over the years. 

“Pink Bunny was still around, not to be chewed on, and heaven forbid another dog attempt to love on her, but she wasn’t a constant companion,” Coppa said. “More like a ‘just in case’ stuffy.”

dog brings mom her special toy whenever she's sick
Shani Coppa

One day, Coppa came down with a terrible migraine and stayed home from work, bedridden the entire day. Her dogs could sense that something wasn’t quite right with her, especially Dobby. Dobby refused to leave her side and kept the family’s two bigger dogs away from her. She stood by her protecting her all day, probably not sure what else she could do — until she remembered her pink bunny. 

“After a particularly bad bout of migraine nausea, she brought Bunny up on the couch with me,” Coppa said. “It’s the bunny we bought her when she was sick, so clearly it has feel-better medicine in it.” 

dog brings her mom her special toy whenever she's sick
Shani Coppa

When Dobby had been feeling so terrible because of her parvo, her pink bunny helped her through it — and so she figured that her pink bunny might be able to help her mom through her sickness, too. 

Now, whenever someone isn’t feeling well, Dobby presents them with her precious pink bunny. When no one is sick, she makes sure her bunny is always safe and protected, the same way it protected her when she needed it most.