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Dog Stares At Dad In Disbelief After Watching Him Do Magic Trick

His eyes got SO big 😱😂

Louie has always had a great sense of humor, and loves playing games and being silly with his family. 

“He loves to play ‘keep away’ with everything he is not supposed to have,” Ashley Parenteau, Louie’s mom, told The Dodo. “He is very loyal and always lays directly on your chest to make sure you don’t forget he’s around.” 

Parenteau and her partner Zack were out shopping one day when they came across a $2.50 magic set and decided to try it out for fun. As they were playing around with it, Louie came over to supervise the process — and see if there was anything he could steal, of course. 

dog watches magic trick
Ashley Parenteau

“Zack noticed Louie was intently watching him so he turned his chair and started doing [the trick],” Parenteau said. “He is always watching what we do so intently.”

The trick was pretty simple, and involved balling up a red handkerchief until it disappeared. Louie’s dad performed all the steps until finally, the handkerchief was gone … 

… and as soon as it disappeared, Louie completely lost his mind

When he realized the handkerchief was somehow gone, his eyes got so big, and he glanced over at his mom in disbelief. The couple didn’t think the cheap magic set would be that big of a hit — but apparently, they found the perfect audience. 

dog watches magic trick
Ashley Parenteau

Afterward, Louie still wasn’t quite sure what had happened, and went looking for the magic handkerchief. 

“That was our first and only time doing that trick,” Parenteau said. “After that he just jumped into [Zack’s] lap.” 

The couple decided to retire from their magic career after that one trick — because they couldn’t guarantee they’d get such a perfect response ever again.