Dog Is Deeply Offended When Statue Refuses To Play Fetch

“He would drop it on his feet, back up and bark a few times like, ‘Hey man, come on throw the ball!’”

Cornbread loves to play fetch and people are usually happy to toss the ball for the rescue dog. But recently, Cornbread met someone he couldn’t convince to play with him — no matter how hard he tried.

It was as if that person's heart was made of stone.

Dog tries to play fetch with statue

Cornbread has always loved tennis balls: “I have to keep the balls away from him in the house or else he'll obsess over them,” Carly Gill, Cornbread’s mom, told The Dodo. “He has to have designated ‘ball time,’ and then the balls are put away.”

Gill taught Cornbread how to play fetch by having him place the ball in her hand before throwing it. Once he got the hang of it, he wanted to play fetch all the time. “[He] was constantly bringing the ball to me or anyone who was around,” Gill said. 

Dog loves to play fetch

A few weeks ago, Gill brought Cornbread to a friend’s house for a cookout. As usual, Cornbread refused to be distracted by the doggy pool, sprinklers and other dogs, instead focussing on getting as many people as possible to play fetch with him. 
When nobody would play with him anymore, he brought his ball to a gray man standing all alone in the garden.

Carly Gill

“He kept bringing the ball to us to throw, but we got busy and weren't playing with him,” Gill said. “Next thing we knew, he was dropping the ball at the Statue of David and barking at him!”
Cornbread tried all his usual tricks to get the statue to play — first, dropping the ball on the ground by the statue, and then on top of the statue's feet. 

“He would drop it on his feet, back up and bark a few times like, ‘Hey man, come on throw the ball!’” Gill said. “He didn't understand why David wasn't playing with him."

Cornbread was confused and disappointed by the statue's cold reaction until his mom resumed throwing the ball. Immediately, Cornbread was content once again and happily spent the rest of the party playing fetch.

While Cornbread can be a bit of a handful sometimes, his mom wouldn't change him for the world. “He's a great companion and is loved by everyone," Gill said. "He's brought joy, love, fun and a little bit of chaos into my life! He is the life of the party wherever he goes.”

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