Woman Tricks Little Dog Into Thinking He's Suddenly Invisible

"Oh no! Where'd I go?" 😂

Everybody knows that the world revolves around this little dog named Chico.

But what if, just for a moment, it didn't?

Now we have the answer.


The other day, Chico’s owner decided to play a lighthearted little prank on the dog. Rather than direct every ounce of her attention toward him, as he’s clearly come to expect, she briefly pretended Chico had gone invisible — nowhere to be seen despite her best efforts to find him.

It was, of course, just a harmless trick. But it sure threw Chico for a loop.

Here’s that moment on video:

Fortunately, it wasn't long before Chico miraculously “reappeared” — reclaiming his rightful place on a pedestal.

He was happy to be back.

Facebook/Janice Mars

All's well that ends well.

It just goes to show, as Chico would surely tell you, the world is a much happier place with pups like him at the center of it.