Dog Trapped In Canal Gives The Sweetest 'Thanks' To The Man Who Saved Him

"He leapt into my arms" ❤️

This is Said Zarate, a garbage collector from Mexico.

Though his line of work is often a thankless one, recently, Zarate's heroism while on the job earned him some very well-deserved gratitude.

Said Zarate

Earlier this month, Zarate and his colleague were making the rounds in their truck through an agricultural area when something alarming caught their eyes. There, drifting helplessly in a concrete canal, was a life in need of saving.

"I saw something moving in the water," Zarate told The Dodo. "I kept looking until I could identify that it was a dog. I told my partner to stop."

Zarate, without hesitation, leapt from the truck — grabbing an empty sack the dog could cling to so he could be pulled to safety.

The dog, exhausted from keeping afloat, was too tired to keep a grip on the sack, but Zarate didn't give up. Ultimately, he was able to lure the dog close enough to the canal's steep edge to hoist him back onto dry land.

Here's that dramatic moment on video:

Zarate's efforts had paid off. He'd saved the dog's life — and got a sweet hug from the grateful pup in return.

"He leapt into my arms," Zarate said.

Said Zarate

Thankfully, the dog was in good health — appearing plump, happy and well cared for his by family, who apparently live on a ranch nearby.

"I'm sure he has good owners. He must just have had an accident," Zarate said. "After staying with us for a moment, he ran off cheerfully back home."

Zarate soon continued on his way, grateful he was able to help.

"I thanked God I was able to save him," Zarate said.

Later on, after sharing the video above online, Zarate got one more gesture of gratitude. The pup's owner was among those who saw the clip of his dear pet being saved, Zarate said:

"He sent me a message thanking me for helping his dog."