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Injured Dog Stuck On Side Of Highway Was Just Waiting For Help

He was so scared, but people found him just in time.

After suffering a terrible ear injury, Ernest somehow ended up on the side of a busy highway, watching cars whiz past him, just hoping that someone would eventually stop to help. Being so close to the highway, he was in great danger, but luckily, some people heard about him and quickly stepped in to help.

Animal Aid Unlimited found out about Ernest and immediately drove over to the highway to try and help him. When they arrived, poor Ernest was curled up on the side of the road, defeated and scared. Rescuers knew they would have to approach him very, very slowly, because if he got scared he might accidentally run into traffic and injure himself even more. 

As they got closer, they could see that the poor dog’s ear injury was infected, and they knew he needed medical attention as soon as possible. 

At one point, Ernest got a little nervous, and seemed like he was going to try and run … 

… until he saw that his rescuers had food. The starving dog eagerly accepted the snacks his rescuers offered him, and then gave in to their love and pats as well. 

As soon as he was a little more relaxed, rescuers slowly slipped a blanket over him, and then carried him over to their truck to take him to get the help he so desperately needed.

Back at the Animal Aid Unlimited hospital, rescuers examined, cleaned and treated Ernest’s ear wound. The wound was in such bad shape and so severely infected, rescuers concluded that Ernest wouldn’t have lasted more than a few days without their help. The poor dog was exhausted and in so much pain, and was happy to let his rescuers care for him, realizing that he was finally safe. 

After weeks of treatment and rest, Ernest was finally fully healed … 

… and so incredibly grateful to his incredible rescuers for saving his life. 

He was so terrified when his rescuers first arrived to help him, but now he loves to give them lots of love and cuddles, as a way of thanking them for caring enough to help him. 

Watch the full video of Ernest’s rescue below: