Dog Steals Dad's Camera And Makes Her Own Movie

"I was really curious as to where my camera went."

Hannah and her brother King were found by Jurij Drgan and his family, tied up to a pole outside a supermarket. It was clear they had both been abused, neglected and then abandoned, and so the Drgan family decided to adopt them. They’ve been with their family for four years now, and get more confident and curious about the world every day — especially Hannah. 

dog time lapse camera
Jurij Drgan

Drgan was working on a school project recently involving time-lapse videos, and left a camera outside in order to film the rain. After several hours, he went to retrieve it, and was very confused to realize it was gone

“I was really curious as to where my camera went when I came to take it back and recover the footage and kept looking for it for at least an hour,” Drgan told The Dodo. 

Finally, Drgan noticed Hannah hanging out in her doghouse and decided to check it out, just in case — and, of course, there was the camera, safely nestled in Hannah’s paws. 

“She doesn't usually steal any objects but looks like the camera appealed to her,” Drgan said. 

Since Hannah doesn’t usually take what isn’t hers, Drgan thought it was perfectly safe to leave the camera outside — but it seems Hannah is a bit of an aspiring filmmaker herself, and decided she needed the camera more than Drgan did.

“She chewed it up quite a bit and seemed ashamed of it but was very willing to give it back,” Drgan said.

After getting his camera back, Drgan watched the footage and discovered that Hannah had made a little movie of her own, from stealing the camera, to walking it around the yard, to finally settling into her doghouse with it.

Even though Hannah had chewed up the camera, Drgan still couldn’t help but smile as he watched the footage. He had no idea his dog wanted to become a famous YouTuber. While Hannah probably won’t be allowed to use the camera ever again, hopefully her dad can film more videos of her himself — her adorable face is definitely well-suited for the screen.