Camera Catches Little Dog Sneaking Out For A Late-Night Adventure

How he gets back in is even more impressive.

While the rest of the world is in bed sleeping, this little dog is making his move.

The sly pup, named Va, lives at home with his family in Vietnam, though he evidently craves a bit more excitement than domestic life has to offer. So, when evening falls and watchful eyes are off him, Va takes himself on adventures — though it’s how he does it that’s most remarkable of all.

Va is normally locked in at night, but after setting up a surveillance camera, his family learned what a skilled escape artist he really is.

Va’s aunt, Thuy Vu, posted this footage showing the dog leaping through a small opening in a gate designed to keep him in. According to the timestamp, that happens at 10:10 p.m., presumably after the coast had cleared.

It’s not until over two hours later, at 12:50 a.m., that Va reappears — jumping back through from the other side of the gate, a feat even more impressive than his initial escape during which he has something to leap from.

Where, exactly, Va had been in that time is anyone’s guess; Thuy’s husband suggests he may be sneaking out to hang with some friends, perhaps not unlike some defiant teenager.

“He is growing,” Thuy tells The Dodo, “so he is very rebellious.”

Chances are, Va will eventually age out of his rebellious phase and soon doze off at night like most dogs and leave mischief-making for daylight hours. But in the meantime, it's fair to say the little pup's family certainly has their hands full.