Rescue Pittie Always Slides Down The Stairs On His Belly

It's his morning routine 😂

Every day, Bruno performs the same morning routine.

The sun-loving dog soaks up the warmth on the stairs outside his house in Costa Rica. And that’s where he stays until his little brother comes out to get him.

Dog slides down the stairs on his belly
Dianne Mancheno

“He likes to sunbathe on the top of the stairs every morning until my little cousin goes outside to find him,” Dianne Mancheno told The Dodo. “Once he finds Bruno, they both go downstairs and Bruno will then eat breakfast while my cousin does as well.”

Bruno the dog and his little brother
Dianne Mancheno

But Bruno doesn’t just walk down the stairs like a normal dog — he slides down the concrete steps on his belly. It may look like he’s just being lazy, but Bruno’s luxurious slide is actually a genius way of getting a stretch and a scratch at the same time. “He goes down the stairs like that every morning,” Mancheno said. 

Mancheno’s aunt started noticing the pup’s unique stair sliding when her family moved into the house two years ago. And he’s kept it up ever since.

Dianne Mancheno

Bruno hasn't always had an easy life, but everything changed after he was rescued by Mancheno's family. Now, his days are filled with sun and love. “He is very sweet and good with children,” Mancheno said. “He loves to play outside in the yard and enjoys going on runs.”

But there’s nothing Bruno loves more than hanging out with his best pal. “They have basically grown up together,” Mancheno said. “Even though Bruno is bigger than him and obviously stronger, he’s always gentle.”

Dianne Mancheno

Bruno makes an excellent babysitter, following his little brother anywhere he goes — but in the morning he does it on his belly.