Furry Shoplifter Caught On Camera Stealing From Supermarket

No one could stop him 😂

This brazen supermarket shoplifter appeared out of nowhere — and disappeared just as fast.

But he wasn't your average thief.

União Supermercado

Last week, employees at the União Supermercado in Brazil were shocked when, out of the corner of their eyes, they spotted a sneaky dog slipping out the front entrance carrying a loaf of stolen bread in his mouth. Before they could act, the pup had made his getaway.

Wait, did that really just happen?

A review of the store's security camera confirmed that in fact it had.

Shoplifting isn't unheard of at the store, of course, but never before had a theft brought such delight.

"Everyone's reaction was that of surprise," a União Supermercado spokesperson told The Dodo. "Out of nowhere a pup shows up carrying a loaf of bread in his mouth, and leaves so happy! It was great fun."

Another camera even captured the dog before the theft "premeditating the crime," as the caption below indicates.

União Supermercado

No one knows for certain where the dog came from, but his brazen robbery has certainly earned him plenty of attention online, where footage of the "crime" has been viewed nearly 100,000 times. It may only be a matter of time before his identity is revealed.

Interestingly, employees at the store already go out of their way to care for dogs in the area by leaving bowls of food and water out back. But evidently that just wasn't good enough for this thieving pup.