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Fluffy Dog Fills Room With Fur During Very Messy Trip To Groomer

It was like cotton candy exploded everywhere β€” but she looks so cute now.

Meet Yogi β€” a very furry pup with some unforgettable fluff.

(Mostly 'cause it tends to get everywhere.)

Ashley Tugby

Samoyeds, like Yogi, are perfectly equipped for the coldest of weather, thanks to their extra-thick coats of cozy white hair. During warmer seasons, of course, all that fur can be a bit excessive, so they seem to appreciate some help shedding off a few extra layers of fluff.

But as you'll see, that's no quick and easy task.

Lucky for Yogi, her mom is a groomer. Every few months, she drops in for a visit β€” and that's when the fur really flies, filling the room like a cotton candy machine gone awry.

From start to finish, which includes several rounds with a brush, too, ridding the pup of her unneeded hair takes more than two hours. For Yogi, it's clearly worth the time and effort.

Ashley Tugby

"She loves it," Ashley Tugby, Yogi's dad, tells The Dodo. "When she is finished she runs round the house showing herself off. It's like she knows how fantastic she looks."

In fact, Yogi makes it look effortless β€” but now we know that's far from the truth.