Dog Sees Man 'Drowning' — And Leaps In To Save The Day

Such a loving pup ❤

Who’s a good girl? 

This sweet pup named Princesa — that’s who.

A video that went viral in Brazil a few years back is making the rounds once again. And it's easy to see why.

In the clip, Princesa is seen lounging near a pond where her friend is swimming. Then, seemingly as if to test the dog's reaction, the man decides to simulate drowning, assuming a face-down position motionless in the water. And, well, if it was a test, Princesa clearly passed it.

Without hesitating, the dear dog proved herself a hero — leaping into the water and pulling the man ashore.

Here's that adorable video:

The dedication and loyalty Princesa revealed in that moment wasn't lost on those who adore her most.

"This is the gift we receive from those who are by our side and never leave us," Jenifer Correa, who posted the clip above, wrote at the time. "Yes, that is care and love!"

The Dodo reached out to Correa in hopes of learning more about that hero dog Princesa, but she wasn't immediately available for comment. Nevertheless, the snapshot in that clip above speaks volumes about Princesa's character — and the kindness and love found in all good pups like her.