This Truly Charming Dog Responds Only To 'Harry Potter' Spells

We're smitten ❤

Looking to be spellbound?

Remus has you covered.


YouTube user Anna Brisbin recently shared an adorable video showcasing her miniature dachshund’s adorable talents — and it’s charming, to say the least. 

Rather than train Remus to respond to traditional behavior terms, Brisbin decided to take a "Harry Potter"-inspired approach. Now, instead of issuing commands to her pup, she casts “spells” in their place. 

And sure enough, with a wave of her wand, Remus nails them all. Here's footage of the dog in action:

click to play video

According to Remus' Instagram page, the year-old pup's "Harry Potter" training began when he was 2 months old — encouraged, no doubt, by lots of love and plenty of treats along the way.

Still, wizardry is exhausting work — so, as Brisbin casts it, "expecto patronap."

Magic aside, Remus sure has us under his spell.