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Little Dog Comes Up With Clever Way To Get More Attention

“The limping stops as soon as my dog leaves."

Chewie was rescued after spending the first six years of her life locked in a cage at a puppy mill. Now, she has the best new family and is spoiled rotten — but she was terrified of everything when she was first adopted. 

While she still gets scared sometimes, she’s become so much braver with the help of her new family. They’ve helped give her more confidence and she loves them so much for it — but sometimes she gets a little jealous when they pay attention to other dogs. 

dog fakes injuries
Rikki Perez

“She's pretty protective, and gets jealous whenever my dog (Willa) is over,” Rikki Perez, one of Chewie’s family members, told The Dodo.  

So one day, Chewie came up with an idea to try and put the focus back on herself: She faked an injury

dog fakes injuries
Rikki Perez

Now, whenever Chewie feels like Willa is getting too much attention, she pretends to be hurt, and is immediately able to steal all of the attention back. 

“She's faked injuries quite a few times,” Perez said. “She usually just does it if my dog has been over too long because my grandma tends to baby my dog because she's so much smaller than Chewie. If my grandma is holding Willa, then Chewie will start to limp so my grandma will put Willa down and hold Chewie.” 

Of course, as soon as Willa has gone home, Chewie is, miraculously, completely fine again. 

“The limping stops as soon as my dog leaves,” Perez said. 

dog fakes injuries
Rikki Perez

Even though she’s clearly faking it, Chewie looks so cute limping around her house, and it’s hard not to scoop her up and make sure she’s OK every single time she does it. 

Chewie definitely had a rough start to life and adores all the attention she gets now — and sometimes has to be a little dramatic to make sure she’s getting enough of it. Hey, we’ve all been there. 

You can follow Chewie and all of her adventures on her Instagram account