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Woman Sees 'Stray' Dog Outside Pizza Shop — Then She Reads His Collar

Turns out, it was all an act 😂

On the sidewalk outside one particular pizza shop in Mexico City, there's a good chance you'll encounter a creature who’ll tug at your heartstrings. There, just outside the door, a seemingly stray pup is known to linger, entreating customers with his sad, hopeful eyes.

What does he want? Some of your pie.

Facebook user Estrella CR happened upon the dog on a recent visit to the restaurant. As she sat at a table to enjoy her meal, the lowly-looking dog never stopped staring in, as if to say, "Please, ma’am, save me a slice."

The dog was clearly well-practiced at this routine — and that was evidenced by more than his waistline. 

“This cute puppy was super fat and wanted us to feed him pizza,” Estrella wrote. “But oh surprise!”

Turns out, the pup wasn’t a pauper; that was simply an act. Little did he know, however, that the key to revealing his grand deception was literally hanging from his collar.

Upon checking the pup’s ID tag, Estrella learned the truth.

“Don’t give me pizza,” it said. “Thanks.”


But it wasn’t all bad news. The dog evidently wasn’t a stray, and had someone in his life looking out for his health and well-being. Good luck trying to explain that to him, though. His performance as a lowly pup wasn't so effective anymore — at least when it came to getting a handout from Estrella.

“Poor little dog,” she wrote. “He stayed with the desire [for pizza].”

No luck this time — but we hope he did get a few pets for his effort. (You can never have too many of those.)