Adorable Dog Plays Dead So He Doesn't Have To Leave The Park

He knows exactly what he's doing 😂

So, you’re saying it’s time to leave the park and head back home?

This dog doesn’t think so.

Facebook/Nicola Booth

The other day, Nicola Booth was out for a stroll in Queensland, Australia, when she ran across a man standing over a pup lying belly-up on the path. The dog, whose name is apparently Vincent, appeared totally lifeless. But why?

Turns out, that’s just something Vincent does when he senses it’s time to go. (And he doesn’t give in easy.)

For the next several minutes, as Booth looked on, an adorable battle of wills played out between Vincent and his owner. It was hilarious:

"Next time you get irritated by your dog for being too slow on their walk, spare a thought for this dog owner I met this morning," Booth wrote later on.

In the end, Vincent did indeed buy himself more time at the park — and from the looks of it, his owner was about to pay for his dog's compliance with a treat from the snack bar. Yep, Vincent will look alive for that.