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Dog 'Packs' Her Favorite Toy So Her Sitter Has To Bring Her Along

“It was so heartwarming yet so sad ... that look on her face.”

A week after Bonnie was rescued, she met Jay Davis for the first time. Her dad is friends with Davis, and when he had to go on a business trip overseas soon after adopting her, he asked Davis to step in and watch Bonnie.
In just three weeks, Bonnie and Davis built a strong bond that would last for years.

Dogsitter Jay Davis bonds with Bonnie
Jay Davis

“She was very standoffish at first, but I felt I bonded with her quite quickly and she soon trusted me,” Davis told The Dodo. “I feel she looked at me almost as her dad. I taught her tricks — how to sit, lay down, roll over, shake and even open the sliding door with her nose.”

Dogsitter snuggles with his favorite dog
Jay Davis

Once Bonnie’s dad returned, Davis still visited the household and played with Bonnie. And eventually, he moved into an extra room in the house. Bonnie was clearly glad to have him back.
“I was not her owner, but I was her best friend and continued to teach and bond with her,” Davis said.
Davis eventually took a job in another state and had to move out. But Bonnie was not afraid to show how she felt about him leaving again. “When I lived with her and packed, she would often come and hang around me, almost like she knew something was up,” Davis said.

Bonnie asks her dog sitter not to go
Jay Davis

Davis’ frequent comings and goings affected Bonnie. So when he returned for a visit once again, she didn’t want to let him go. 
She packed her most precious possession — her favorite toy — among his things, hoping he’d get the message. “When I was going to leave, I went to my bag and found the toy on it,” Davis said. “I asked if my friend put it there, and he said ‘No.’ I called Bonnie over, and she came and sat there.”

Dog puts her toy in her sitter's suitcase
Jay Davis

“I asked her to stay and snapped a picture quickly and then pet her like never before,” Davis said. “It was so heartwarming yet so sad ... that look on her face.”

Jay Davis

Davis and Bonnie still have a close relationship, and he makes sure to visit whenever he’s in town. And Bonnie makes sure her favorite dog sitter knows just how happy she is to see him.