People Are Having A Hard Time With This Weird Photo Of A Normal Dog

"It's hurting my brain."

Who could have guessed that an otherwise unremarkable photo of a perfectly normal pup would end up being so darn perplexing?

The picture, posted to Reddit last week, has been generating quite a stir online ever since. And even the savviest of internet sleuths are having a hard time nailing it down.

Jeremy Hacker

Sure, spotting the dog lying down in the foreground of the photo is easy enough — but something is just off about the other. Like, is that even a dog?

"It’s hurting my brain," one person on Reddit wrote. Others echoed that sentiment. 

On a glance, it's almost disturbing.

Jeremy Hacker

Fortunately, the truth behind the photo is actually sweet.

Turns out, the pup isn't misshapen in any way — he's just cozy. That Picasso-esque appearance is just the result of the way his floppy head is positioned: sideways, as he lays down and looks back toward the camera. 

Here's that picture rotated 90 degrees.

Jeremy Hacker

For folks STILL struggling to make sense of this picture, here's a helpful GIF an Imgur user whipped up:


After years of people pulling the ol' "tennis ball fake-out throw" on their canine companions, perhaps it's only fair that our eyes would finally get tricked by a pup.