Sweet Dog Nurses Kitten Someone Threw In The Trash

She had just given birth and didn't mind one more kid ❤

A heartless person's random act of cruelty toward the tiniest of creatures has been sweetly offset by a mother dog's random act of love.

Georgia Spathoula

Last week, Georgia Spathoula was taking out the garbage from her home in Greece when, upon reaching the dumpster out front, she happened upon a sickening scene. Fortunately, she knew just who she could turn to for help.

"When I opened the trash can I saw a newborn kitten tied inside a bag, hopelessly mewing for help due to some irresponsible being who abandoned it there for a tragic death," Spathoula told The Dodo. "I took it out and the neighborhood dog that had just given birth kindly let it nurse."

And she did so with a smile.

This isn't the first time a dog has opened her heart to an orphaned kitten (in fact, we've seen it many times before). But each instance offers a lesson on kindness, which, as evidenced by how this kitten's story began, is sorely needed by some humans among us.