Dog Is So Excited To Bump Into Chewbacca On The Street

Like two furry old friends 😍

It's not every day that you get to meet your hero — but recently, this lucky pup had the chance to do just that.

And, for a moment at least, balance was brought to the Force.

Elvis Alcalde

The other day, some people in costume were out in front of the University of Azuay, in Ecuador, to promote an upcoming Halloween party. Among them was a person dresses as filmdom's most famous canine-like creature: Chewbacca, from "Star Wars."

While the iconic outfit got plenty of looks from passersby, no one was more excited to see a Wookie than this pup. After all, the two do share a resemblance.

Here's video of their adorable meeting:

Sure, it may not be part of a long-awaited "Star Wars" sequel, but the video above has still struck a chord online. And, according to Elvis Alcalde, who shared the now-viral clip, this dog's own life story seems a drama worthy of cinema.

The pup was once in a struggle for survival as a lonely street dog before he found his happy ending; he was reportedly adopted by professors at the university which he now calls home.

You might say they gave him new hope.