Playful Dog Can't Get Enough Of Going Down The Slide

"I'd never seen anything like it" 💕

The other day, Anabela Cohen was visiting a local park with her son near their home in Argentina when they spotted something adorably unusual.

There, casually hanging out with a group of kids at the park’s playground, was a dog who clearly knows how to have a good time. As the pup's young friends looked on, she entertained herself by going up and down the slide all on her own — again and again and again.

“I’d never seen anything like it,” Cohen told The Dodo.

Though the dog, in all her joyful excitement, left little opportunity for her human playmates to make use of the slide, too, none seemed to mind.

"The crowd of kids were happy to just watch," Cohen said. "Even my son, who was playing nearby, stopped to see the show."

Cohen came to learn that the dog's name is Berta — and that this wasn't her first encounter with a slide.

Evidently, Berta came to learn of the thrill of sliding by watching her school-aged owner, and is now super eager to do it any chance she gets.

Chances are, on any given day if the weather is fair, Berta and company can be found making the most of all the playground has to offer. However, just catching a glimpse of that happy routine of a dog and her pals is something Cohen won't soon forget.

"I thought it was amazing," she said.