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Dog Loves Taking Her Cat Balloon For Walks Around The Yard

She stole it from her baby sister — then fell in love with it

After her parents adopted her, Ginger was the only pet in the family for five years. She really, really liked being an only child, but accepted it when her parents added another dog to the family. Two years later, though, they had a baby, and that’s when Ginger began to get a little jealous. 

Back when she was an only child, anything Ginger’s parents brought into the house immediately became hers. Now, she’s had to learn to share …

… much to her dismay. 

“Ginger is very jealous of anything that the baby owns or plays with and steals her toys all the time,” Amy, Ginger’s mom, told The Dodo. 

Recently, Amy’s sister bought an adorable cat balloon for the baby, and as soon as the balloon entered the house, Ginger made it her mission to try and steal it. After a week of trying, she was finally successful … 

… and immediately decided to take the cat balloon for a stroll around the yard. 

“The first time she made it out the door, she was running around the yard with the cat balloon trailing behind her,” Amy said. 

Ginger was very proud of her successful balloon heist and proudly displayed her prize as she ran with it in circles …

… but after a while, the balloon was no longer just something Ginger had wanted to steal from her baby sister. It quickly became her very best pal. 

Even though the balloon technically belongs to her baby sister, it seems she doesn’t mind letting Ginger keep it for a while. After all, no one would want to break up true love like this.