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Big Fluffy Dog Insists On Being A Part Of Woman's Home Workout Routine

Exercise has never been so adorable 😍

Exercise appears to be an important part of Bianca Pascal’s daily routine. It seems, however, that one main component of her workout regimen is actually a battle of wills.

Her adorable pup makes sure of that.

Facebook/Bianca Pascal

In a video posted to social media, Pascal demonstrates how she goes about strength training at home, on the floor with a mat. Though intended, perhaps, to be an instructional video, the clip includes more unplanned forms of exercise than you might expect.

Namely, trying to get her big, fluffy dog out of the way.

As you'll see, he didn't exactly make it easy:

Sure, on the face of it, Pascal's pup might not seem like the most helpful of exercise companions — but in the end, she likely gets even more of a workout than she would without him.

And he does it all without breaking a sweat.