Dog Shamelessly Interrupts Soccer Match To Demand Pets From The Players

"He is a good dog and people love him."

Usually, hand contact is against the rules for most players during an active soccer match — but one gracious pup recently thought of a way to put those perfectly good petting implements to some very fine use.

And his adorable plan paid off.

Facebook/Fox Sports Latinoamerica

In the final minutes of Sunday's match between the soccer teams Unión De Santa Fe and Gimnasia in Argentina, this friendly dog named Roberto decided to make his move.

Smack-dab in the middle of play, the dog shamelessly strolled onto the pitch. After stopping a moment to enjoy a quick roll on the grass, Roberto soon found himself surrounded by players — who seemed more than happy to shower the furry invader with warmth and affection.

Here's video of that sweet moment:

It wasn't long before Roberto was escorted back off the field — but judging from the dog's content expression, the interruption had been more than worth it.

The crowd, meanwhile, seemed to approve.

Facebook/Fox Sports Latinoamerica

Roberto's home team, Unión De Santa Fe, who had been leading 1-0 when he dropped by, went on to cinch the win — leading the opposing team's manager to humorously speculate that "they trained him at halftime and they put him in the second [half].”

While the theory hasn't been confirmed, one thing is certain — Roberto has it made.

"He is a good dog and people love him," a spokesperson for Unión De Santa Fe told The Dodo. "He's our team's dog. The members of the club attend to him as if it were their own."

And sometimes, visiting teams get to join in, too.