Dog Always Goes Into Hiding When It's Time To Leave The Park

"She thinks I can't see her."

This clever pup named Poppy has apparently found a way around one of life's routine disappointments β€” that playtime coming to an end.

How does Poppy do it? She goes into hiding.

Lisa Brownson

The little dog's owner, Lisa Brownson, posted a video taken during a recent visit to the park β€” a visit that was clearly too brief for Poppy's liking. Rather than accept the fact that the fun was over, as signaled by her owner's summoning, Poppy decided to buy some more time by keeping out of sight behind some tall grass.

It was a worthy attempt, to be sure. But unfortunately, Poppy isn't quite as sneaky as she imagines herself to be. 

"She thinks I can't see her," Brownson tells The Dodo. "At every park we go to, she does the same thing."

Brownson says that these little acts of canine disobedience often last around five to 10 minutes. Usually, Poppy will come out of 'hiding' when her owner pretends that she has given up looking and is prepared to leave without her.

Lisa Brownson

Poppy, of course, isn't the only pup to put up some resistance when it comes to seeing playtime draw to a close. Here's a dog who's found yet another way to stay at the park a little longer β€” by playing dead.

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