Camera Catches Very Good Dog Helping His Owner With The Laundry

"I was just absolutely shocked!"

There's never been any doubt that this pup named Jonsi is a very good dog.

But now there's video to prove it.

Trey Foote

The other day, Jonsi was hanging out at home with his owner, Trey Foote, when he was called upon to help.

Jonsi had just settled in on the sofa when Foote walked through the room carrying a load of freshly-cleaned laundry. On his way, a single sock slipped from Foote's reach — hardly the most serious of problems, but one Jonsi thought he shouldn't struggle with alone.

"My thought in that moment was well, if I try to pick up this one sock, I may drop it all," Foote told The Dodo. "So I asked my main dude to lend a paw." And sure enough, Jonsi did just that.

Here's that moment on video:

Jonsi then marched upstairs where Foote was sorting the clothes, and handed him the sock he'd dropped.

"I was just absolutely shocked!" Foote said. "He nudged it toward me and hopped up on the bed and went to sleep."

The nice gesture made such an impression on Foote that he had to tell his wife what happened. She didn't believe it until they reviewed the footage. Their good dog was even gooder than they thought.

Trey Foote

That video of Jonsi helping out with the laundry has since gone viral, proving that a random dog's big heart can truly move the world to "aww" — revealing to countless others what Foote and his family have known all along.

"It’s so special that so many other people see what we see in him!" Foote said. "It did teach me that our pups are always listening as well as thinking about what we say and do."