Dog Gives Owner The Cold Shoulder After She Picks Him Up From The Vet

He'd thought they were going to the park 😂

Just about every day, this pup named Fritz and his owner, Bret Mortimer, take a drive to the local dog park. So, as they hopped into the car together last Saturday, it's safe to assume that's where Fritz thought they'd be going.

He was wrong.

Bret Mortimer

Mortimer simply adores Fritz, which is why, when she learned about the importance of canine oral care, she decided to schedule him a checkup with a veterinary dentist. Fritz's teeth are important to him, so they're important to Mortimer, too.

"I set an appointment to get them cleaned because he’s my best friend and I want him to live as long as he can!" Mortimer told The Dodo. Unfortunately, Fritz didn't get the memo.

When Mortimer came to pick her dog up from the vet after the cleaning, he wasn't shy about expressing his feelings about the experience: "When they opened the door he was just ... not thrilled," Mortimer said.

In fact, during the whole ride home, Fritz continued to give Mortimer the cold shoulder — refusing to make eye contact because of what she'd put him through.

Here's that moment on video:

"I felt like the cold shoulder was kind of, 'Hey, I feel a little betrayed over here, Mom,'" Mortimer said.

Thankfully, that feeling didn't last. Not long after arriving home, Fritz was back to his old loving self again.

It soon became clear, however, that Fritz didn't forget that "betrayal."

Bret Mortimer

The next day, when Fritz was asked to get in the car again — this time to head to the dog park, for reals — he wasn't as excited as he normally gets.

Instead, he looked at Mortimer with suspicion.

Bret Mortimer

And here's Fritz again — this time after their fun day at the dog park.

Bret Mortimer

Now THAT'S a healthy smile.

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