Watch This Very Good Dog Give His Human A Haircut

"My dog cuts better than some hairdressers" 😂

With most salons and barbershops closed due to the lockdown, many people under quarantine have resorted to cutting their own hair. But not Felix Nestor.

When it came time for an at-home trim, he had some unexpected help.

Nestor, who actually works as a barber himself, would certainly be more capable than most when it comes to cutting his own hair. Despite that fact, he decided to enlist a certain someone to tackle that task for him.

That someone was his dog Tyson.

And as you'll see, the helpful pup pulled off the trim like a real pro:

In the end, Tyson appears to be quite proud of his work, having cleaned up his human's overgrown 'do. Though it was presumably the pup's first time wielding a trimmer, his client that day was left satisfied, too.

"My dog ​​cuts better than some hairdressers," Nestor said.