Dog Gets Boot Stuck On Face And Pretends Absolutely Nothing Is Wrong

“He cracked me up!"

From the moment he joined his family, Tater Tot has always been the happiest dog in the world. He has to be touching one of his family members at all times, adores meeting new people and loves playing with anything he can find. 

“He has a fascination with anything that can go in his mouth,” Danni Scott, Tater Tot’s mom, told The Dodo. “When he gets happy or excited, he needs something in his mouth like a security blanket. When we can't find our other shoe, Tater is the likely culprit. Luckily he doesn't really chew/destroy anything.” 

dog sock
Danni Scott

Tater Tot especially loves shoes, so when he came inside from playing recently and saw how happy his mom was to see him, he raced to find a shoe to carry around with him. The first thing he came across was a boot, so he quickly picked it up — and somehow managed to get it stuck over his entire face!

Not wanting to ruin the moment, Tater Tot ran over to his mom anyway, pretending nothing was wrong or out of the ordinary, and his mom just couldn’t stop laughing. 

“He cracked me up,” Scott said. “He's so silly! I ran to get my phone to get a video.” 

Tater Tot was a good sport about it, and eventually realized he could shake the boot off and pick it up again in a less obtrusive way. He then carried on with his joy as if nothing had happened, and his mom wouldn’t have him any other way.

“Tater is a big goofball and a bigger love,” Scott said. “He has a superpower to bring happiness to everyone he meets.”